A place for people to work and study. BUILT for independent workers, small business owners and creative types. We have fast internet, good coffee, and a nice place to create awesome things with other awesome people. 

A few years ago coworking wasn’t even a word and now it’s spreading across world. With the business environment changing and adapting to technology, there are more and more remote workers and independent businesses working on great projects. 


At Smokestack Cowork our first priority is good community.  If our community is not one of creativity and openness, thEn we have failed. How do we accomplish this type of community? We have a gentle screening process before accepting a new member at Smokestack. We want to make sure you’re a nice person and that you’re doing great stuff. 

We get our name from an awesome smokestack that stood in the High Falls District of Rochester NY. This smokestack remained a Rochester landmark until it was taken down in 2012 due to safety concerns. To many, the High Falls smokestack represented a past era built on hard work and industry. We feel that our city and people still maintain these qualities, hence our name. We want to make Rochester NY a place that attracts real talent and quality workers.